CD - Dancing In The Sea Of Tranquility by Moonlife
Dancing In The Sea Of Tranquility CD
1. Angel (Cusimo & Co. 7" Remix)
2. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
3. Over You (Euro House Mix)
4. I Didn't Know What I Had (Arpeggiator Soup Remix)
5. Failing (Hypnotic 12" Remix)
6. The Lovehaters (Deeper Glezpik Remix)
7. I Heard You (On the Telephone) (Original Extended Mix)
8. Sail Away (Pirate's Anthem Club Mix)
9. Swan Song (Kiss the Curtain) (Professor Bang Remix)
10. Satellite (Orient Express Mix)
11. You Take It Away (Citation Obsolete Remix)
12. Angel (Cusimo & Co. 12" Remix)

CD - Where The Love Has Died by Moonlife
Where The Love Has Died CD
1. Where Were You
2. The Lovehaters
3. I Didn't Know What I Had
4. Fjord
5. Is Something Wrong?
6. Not Now
7. Sail Away
8. You Take It Away
9. Lonely Departure
10. Swan Song (Kiss The Curtain)

The Remix LP by Moonlife
The Remix LP
1. I Heard You (On The Telephone) (Redial Remix)
2. Satellite (Orient Express Long Distance Distortion Mix)
3. Angel (Summer Of '79 Mix)
4. Over You (Double-Oh Infinity Remix)
5. Sonata (Extended)
6. Fade (Dance Remix)
Bonus Tracks (Digital Only):
7. So Cold (Torch Version)
8. Last Train To Clarksville
9. Andromeda
10. Failing (Hypnotic 7" Remix)
11. I Heard You (On The Telephone) (Mini Mix)
12. Swan Song (Kiss The Curtain) (Mellow Mix)

CD - Reach The Stars by Moonlife
Reach The Stars CD
1. Can't Stop
2. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
3. Cruel
4. I Heard You (On The Telephone)
5. No More
6. Angel
7. Quarantine
8. Under Pressure
9. Think Of Me
10. Far Away
11. Failing
12. That Was Then

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Alternate versions and remixes... 
1. I Heard You (On The Telephone) [Cellular Interference Remix]
Remix by thegraymasquerade vs. Origami.
2. Over You [Mystechs Mix]
Remixed by Emil Hyde.
CD - Across The Night by Moonlife
Across The Night CD
1. Do You
2. Untrue
3. So Cold
4. Over You
5. Moon Life (Out Of Reach)
6. Sonata
7. Satellite
8. Fade
9. Jesus Freak
10. Lost

Music Videos...
1. Over You [4.85MB windows movie file]

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Live recordings... 
1. Cruel (Live at Repent)
2. Over You (Live at Repent)
3. Untrue (Live at Repent)
4. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Live)

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