The ‘80s never died; the decade simply packed its bags and ventured into outer space. When it returned in 1999, it brought back a group of futuristic personnel. Dubbing themselves Moonlife, they were the reincarnation of pop sounds once lost to the cosmos – brightly lit synthesized dance music with thoughtful, heartbroken narratives and bubblegum hooks. Haunted by the ghosts of Depeche Mode, the Beloved, and Kon Kan, Moonlife rewind the clock to the New Wave ‘80s, summarizing the genre’s unrestrained creativity and sense of fun with a vibrant, flamboyant glow.

Featuring vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Claudio Tinnirello and keyboardist/bassist Mark Schmieder, Moonlife released their first album, Across the Night, in 2001. The record received airplay on 90 college-radio stations throughout the U.S., even landing in the Top 10 in key markets in New York and New Jersey.

In 2003 Moonlife released Reach The Stars, their second full length album. Songs from this album will be appearing in an independent movie as well as an upcoming video game.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Moonlife are currently promoting their latest CD, Where The Love Has Died. With multi-platinum bands such as the Killers and Franz Ferdinand riding a New Wave of ‘80s nostalgia, Moonlife are on the brink of finding widespread attention for a sound that they helped resurrect for the past and reinvigorate for the next generation of music lovers with an ear for melody and an eye on the night skies.

Moonlife are:

Claudio - Lead vocals, synths, guitar, Supreme Commander.
Mark - Keyboards, bass, backing vocals, Science Officer.